Dark Sky Announces SE Antibodies, Eaten Alive!

Today we got a monster update from Dark Sky Films starting with the long-delayed release of Tobe Hooper’s Eaten Alive, which will finally arrive on DVD in a 2-disc special edition on September 25; while we’ve also received full specs and art for the German horror-thriller Antibodies (review), which hits retailers on August 28. Read on for full details on both releases!

Dark Syk Films writes Bloody-Disgusting about the upcoming long-delayed release of EATEN ALIVE: You may recall that late last year we delayed our Special Edition of Eaten Alive due to the poor condition of the master elements. Since then we have tracked down the remaining 35mm vault materials and conducted a new HD transfer from the 35mm dupe negative. We also found a vertiable host of trailers for the film’s numerous other titles including an extremely rare Japanese trailer, TV spots, radio spots, alternate credits, foreign prints and audio languages, production stills, unused music tracks, and original screening comment cards, as well as producing a new featurette with actress Marliyn Burns. The biggest news came last week when producer extraordinaire David Gregory performed a candid interview with Tobe Hooper, who talked at great length about EATEN ALIVE. Fellow producer extraordinaire Michael Felsher — who also produced both the Robert Englund and Marilyn Burns featurettes on the upcoming special edition– will cut the final piece.

The specs for the release are:

Disc 1:
1.85 Anamorphic Widescreen feature, transferred and restored in HD from the last remaining 35mm vault material
2.0 English mono (Restored)
2.0 Spanish mono
2.0 French mono
Feature-length commentary with producer/co-writer Mardi Rustam, actors Roberta Collins, William Finley and Kyle Richards, and make-up artist Craig Reardon
Still Gallery
English subtitles

Disc 2:
“Gator Creator” (Tobe Hooper featurette)
“My Name is Buck” (Robert Englund featurette)
“5ive Minutes with Marilyn” (Marilyn Burns featurette)
“The Butcher of Elmendorf: The Legend of Joe Ball” (documentary on the film’s serial killer inspiration)
TV Spots & Radio Spots
Behind the Scenes Slideshow
Alternate Credits

The 2-disc special edition streets September 25th. Retail is $24.98


Dark Sky Films is pleased to announce the United States DVD release of ANTIBODIES, the epic contemporary thriller from director Christian Alvart (Case 39) that has shocked audiences around the world. Don’t miss the film that Aint It Cool News called “an entertaining thriller that puts its own spin on the tired serial killer genre”, and that Bloody Disgusting said is “. dense, involving, surprisingly nasty. jaw dropping.”

Berlin police apprehend the alleged killer of 13 children, but prime suspect Gabriel Engel (DOWNFALL’s André Hennicke) will speak only to Michael Martens, a small town constable (ANATOMY 2′s Wotan Wilke Möhring) whose own teenaged son is manifesting the classic early signs of a serial killer.

Also starring Norman Reedus (BLADE II) and Heinz Hoenig (DAS BOOT) with breathtaking cinematography by Hagen Bogdanski (THE LIVES OF OTHERS, 2006 Academy Award

Source: Official website