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WTF Of The Day: Cthulhu, Killer Monkeys, And Bert & Ernie Collide For ‘Nightmare World’ VOL 2!

I normally would be having a complete and udder field day with the “WTF OF THE DAY” segment, but today I don’t even have any words. Inside you’ll be able to view a 5 page preview of the upcoming horror anthology “NIGHTMARE WORLD VOL 2” which drops this Wednesday and is a literal melting pot of different stories and characters. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Dirk Manning
COVERS BY: Kristen Perry

“Thirteen new tales of terror peer into the lives of those affected by Lucifer’s diabolical scheme to kick-start the Armageddon! Stories feature characters as diverse as a conniving rock star wannabe, an abused teenager, a pair of star-crossed Mafioso lovers and the world’s last ultra-hero, the last of whom must choose between staying with the love of his life while the world goes to Hell (literally) and fighting the Great Cthulhu in a desperate (and most likely futile) attempt to save the world.”

“NIGHTMARE WORLD VOL 2” Drops This Wednesday! (MSRP-$14.99)


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