The Great ‘Cloverfield’ Mystery Gets Thicker!

The good folks over at AICN have been digging deep inside Paramount’s top secret horror film, which is said to be called Cloverfield. So far what we know is that JJ Abrams (Lost, Mission Impossible III) is producing with Drew Goddard of (Buffy, Lost, Alias) writing the screenplay. To add more fuel to this fuming fire, we’ve just scored some crazy new information from one of the extras in the trailer! Read on for the monstrous news.

Bloody-Disgusting Exclusive: One of my close friends’ brother was cast as an extra in the trailer for JJ Abrams CLOVERFIELD a few months back. What he tells us is that the name CLOVERFIELD is just a cover up and that the film will actually be called something else. The film is referred to as “The Cloverfield Project” and at the time the script had not even been written yet. He tells Bloody-Disgusting that when they shot the scene with the statue of liberty’s head rolling they were told it was a comet and that there was a long string they had to watch as cars exploded all around them. Pretty cool beans. So there you have it, as of right now the title of the film will NOT be CLOVERFIELD, unless someone changes their mind…


I attended a Transformers sneak preview last night in Scottsdale, Arizona and wanted to tell you that, sure enough, you were right about the Cloverfield trailer. It was the first preview that played. While I’m sure plenty of people will continue to write in with their take on Bay’s latest, I wanted to give you the play by play of this amazing new trailer.

The entire thing takes place from the perspective of a party goer with a camera, waiting to surprise their friend, Rob. It’s basically a nice, big bon voyage party between friends. The entire thing feels incredibly real and like plenty of parties I’ve been to myself–people mingle, munch on chips, chatter, etc. Rob arrives, everyone yells surprise, the camera person interviews people for anything they have to say to Rob before he leaves.

After probably 30 seconds or a little longer, the apartment shakes, the lights flicker, people scream and head to the roof. A crowd approaches the edge of the roof immediately as a massive explosion miles away takes place. People scream and start scrambling back to the stairs. Right before they enter the stairwell, something like a comet (a piece of the previous explosion) comes flying near the people and the roof. The camera is very jumpy and cuts in and out as people make their way down a darkened stairwell to the street. At this point, I can’t remember if the screen cuts to black and says “From producer JJ Abrams…” or if that happens once they’re all on the ground. Either way, it’s at a good moment and is the first inkling as to what we’re watching.

Once on the ground, some people are running in hysteria while others look into the distance trying to figure what’s happening. Pieces of the explosion start flying towards the ground and hitting buildings all around. The people that were just looking into the distance finally start moving. At that moment, a massive piece of the explosion starts heading towards the camera. It flies right by and skids down the middle of the city street, hitting some people along the way. The piece finally slows down, rocks back towards the camera, and there she is–Lady Liberty’s face, in flames and destroyed. Cut to black. Hitting theatres January 2008 (I think it was 01/18/08).

In my opinion this is one of the most effective trailers I’ve ever seen. It’s not polished like most big budget film trailers, but it felt huge. It had people in the theatre chattering, wondering what the heck this is and when it’s coming. The entire trailer had a verisimilitude to it. It felt like it was happening… like we were there. In short, it did it’s job and then some. Surprisingly, they didn’t say what the name of the film was in the trailer. Whatever it’s called in the end though, I’m there.

This preview had me more tense and excited than anything I saw in Transformers. And heck, I even liked Transformers in all its Bayish ridiculousness.

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