First Look: ‘Albino Farm’ FX Maestro Talks to B-D!

Not only do we have the first ever photo from Sean McEwen’s Albino Farm, but we’ve also added bits of a conversation we had with Jason Barnett, Albino Farm’s FX Maestro! Read on for the skinny and watch for more interviews soon. The film follows the plight of four college students who, while exploring the Ozark Mountains for a midterm assignment on rural America, come face to face with a community of cave-dwelling redneck genetic mutations.

Jason Barnett first talked to us a bit about how it ended up working on ALBINO FARM, “Director Sean McEwen initially contacted me a year ago. My company, Industrial Monsters & Props, worked together in developing the look of the creatures, always basing it on a real life deformity or condition.

Most filmmakers have a specific vision of what they want with their film; Jason tells us Sean was really easy to work with, “I think the term Sean used was “go crazy!” And for about two months, we did. It took hundreds and hundreds of hours to create all of the prosthetics and effects for this show. It got pretty nuts, as we were still casting creatures a week or so before filming started. My crew worked very hard on Albino Farm.

The creatures created sound pretty damn interesting, especially the `Pig-Bitch’, “Our main creature, the Pig-Bitch, has an over-sized head, a 6-inch gap between her eyes and a cleft lip. I’d say that’s [going] pretty far.” He also explains how the prop operates, “The make-up consisted of a radio controlled headpiece with an overlapping face appliance and teeth, he explains, “our actress, Bianca Barnett, was in the make-up for upwards of 12 hours. It paid off though, as her part will definitely stand out in the film.

So just how bloody is ALBINO FARM? Barnett tells us “We brought the blood. End of story.