Leslie Vernon Returns in ‘Behind the Mask 2’?

One of the best films we saw back in 2006 was Anchor Bay/Starz Entertainment’s Behind the Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon (review), which just hit DVD a week ago after premiering at SXSW in 2006. Today new info came in from screenwriter David J Stieve who talks about the possibilities of a sequel. Read on for the story. Directed by Scott Glosserman, the film starred Nathan Baesel, Robert Englund, Matt Bolt, Jenafer Brown, Krissy Carlson, Scott Wilson, Zelda Rubenstein, Angela Goethals and Kane Hodder.

In his recent interview with Icons of Fright, BEHIND THE MASK screenwriter David J Stieve talked about what would happen to Leslie Vernon should a BEHIND THE MASK 2 ever come to fruition. And it’s something the filmmakers have kept in mind this whole time.

“I can tell you and your readers that there is a definite idea for what’s going to happen to Leslie Vernon next, that’s been the goal all along.”

“Obviously the focus of that or the metaphor involved there, as it happened with Nathan as an actor or Scott as a director, or me as a writer, it’s how do you handle that “freshman phenom/rookie of the year” type thing! That’s the symbolism at play; how does Leslie handle his success? And of course you have the whole genre-specific constructions and conventions of a horror sequel. There’s specific conventions involved with every killer that comes back. How the town reacts, who the people are that survive, and who fills what role coming around again…so there are all these very specific genre expectations for a sequel that are ripe for the picking but there’s obviously the metaphor of how does Leslie as the `artist’ handle his fame, does he handle it well, does he burn out too quick, keep himself in check, does he do it right? There’s a very rich soil to till from a storytelling standpoint.”

What would it take to make it happen?

“There are a lot of what-ifs, and things to have to happen right in this business for that to ever come to fruition, but certainly if there’s going to be another horror movie coming from me, my biggest impulse, of course, is to relate what happens to Leslie next. Depending on how the DVD does, etc. that’s the impetus.”

In the interview, he also reveals who exactly the character of “Eugene” (retired “slasher”) was supposed to be (and it’s really, really cool!) and he explains the origins of the BEHIND THE MASK script. It’s a great read, especially for aspiring screenwriters.

Read the entire interview here

Source: Icons of Fright