SDCC 07: To All Reserves of the ‘Hatchet’ Army

ATTEN-HUT!! It is time to mobilize and strike forth upon the masses. You have tracked the progress of this film, your voices have been heard at theatres across the nation, now, it is time to dispatch your loyalty in the field…your next mission requires action! On Thursday July 26th, Adam Green (along with Tamara Feldman, Mercedes McNab, Joleigh Fioreavanti, Deon Richmond and horror icons Tony Todd, Robert Englund and Kane Hodder) will be hosting a panel to discuss and promote the September 7th theatrical release of the film Hatchet. WE NEED YOU to fulfill your obligations as a soldier in the Hatchet Army. Read on to see how to get a free DVD by wearing your Hatchet Army T-shirt and how you can help support.

Visit the official MySpace

If you plan on attending the San Diego Comic Con on July 26th, send an email to We will give you a code word to identify yourself at the Starz Home Entertainment/ Anchor Bay booth. Check-in before 1400 hours (that’s 2pm in civilian time) wearing your Hatchet Army T-shirt, give the pass word and get yourself a free DVD of your choice!

But we also have deployment orders. Your Mission: Get as many convention attendees as possible to attend the HATCHET panel starting at 3pm! Your dedication in the field will not go unnoticed. Everyone who executes their orders to the fullest will be rewarded with an exclusive Best Butchers on the Block autographed Apron! Do your duty to serve and protect in the name of Old School American Horror. Hurry, as space is limited!


Source: Hatchet Army