‘Troll’ Being Remade, With a Monster Budget?

Here is how commited I am to you guys… this is the hardest thing I ever typed in my life considering I just had an eye exam and all I see are blurry keys – but this news was just too good to pass up. We heard rumblings recently that a remake to the ’86 horror film Troll was being remake, with a substantial budget. Of course the first thing we did was laugh, laugh some more and then joke about the piss scene in the sequel. Well guess what… it wasn’t a joke. We discovered this evening that a remake to John Carl Buechler’s film is in fact being remade. No details have been revealed about the film other than this synopsis: The film is about a young boy enters a parallel world of wizards and magic where he befriends a good witch. Soon the boy learns that he must save the world from an evil Troll/Wizard that has the ability to hide his essence within the bodies of others. Watch for more as soon as we find out.