‘Pulse’ Sequels Shooting Back-to-Back This September

It was revealed back in February that Dimension Films was planning two sequels to their box office disaster Pulse, which was one of the worst horror films in the past two years. Both films were said to go straight to video without any of the stars of the remake returning. Today Bloody-Disgusting scored some monster details on the sequels, which begin lensing in Shreveport, Louisiana this September. Read on for the exclusive look at the titles, director and synopses.

Bloody-Disgusting has learned that Joel Soisson with both write and direct both sequels to PULSE. He most recently directed Buried, The Prophecy: Forsaken and The Prophecy: Uprising for Dimension. He also produced Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Feast, Dracula 2000, Phantoms among countless others.

The first sequel is titled PULSE: AFTERLIFE

The world has been reshaped by the invasion of ghosts via the wireless internet. Cities are deserted, technology has been destroyed and the few remaining human beings eschew anything electrical in order to avoid a confrontation with the soulless ghosts that now wander the planet. Most of the ghosts are doomed to a repetitive loop of something they did while they were still despairing humans (a man repeatedly hangs himself, for example), but there are some ghosts so locked in denial, they do not know they are dead. They continue to haunt their homes, wrapped in fear that their souls will soon be torn from them.

The second sequel is titled PULSE: INVASION

It is now seven years later and the survivors on Earth have settled into a primitive lifestyle completely void of electronics. The clusters of human survivors live together in refugee camps as the phantoms have taken over the cities. Justine is now a teenager and she escapes to the city to try and make a life for herself where she is not a drain on her adopted family (her parents both became phantoms in part one). She heads in to the city at the urging of Adam, a seeming survivor in the city that lures her with promises of understanding and friendship.

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