A Little Sigh of Relief..

During a recent interview, Tim Burton talked a little more about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and when we might see it, along with some great news regarding Planet of the Apes 2. Read on for the story.

Here are some excerpts from the interview with the Calgary Sun, “I have no idea when we’ll begin on Willy. It will all depend on the script. I won’t be tied down to a release date ever again.” Burton says he chose Depp over actors like Michael Keaton because “he’s always surprising and funny and right now he’s a big star.”

“Chocolate Factory” is being written by John August, who also wrote the screenplay for Burton’s Big Fish.

Burton says he won’t be involved in any sequel to his Planet of the Apes, which starred Mark Wahlberg. “No, no, no, never. After having made Batman Returns, I realized it’s not a good idea for me to do sequels.”

Source: Calgary Sun