Harry Potter Finds His Way Into ‘Troll’ Remake!

Did you think I was talking about THE Harry Potter? Maybe I am… it depends how you look at it. Today we learned exclusively the first official casting news for John Carl Buechler’s remake of Troll, which we broke the news on here a few weeks ago. Inside you’ll find all the details on Buechler’s film, which is will write and direct once again.

It was revealed to B-D this evening that Noah Hathaway has just been signed to play a role in the big budget remake of the 1986 cult classic film; TROLL.

Filmgoers will remember Noah Hathaway (Never Ending Story, Battlestar Gallactica) as the child star who portrayed the original HARRY POTTER in the 1986 film TROLL, where his adventures led him into a parallel world of witches, evil wizards, and magic, a decade before the first J.K.Rowling’s book was written and published.

Hathaway, now in his 30’s will obviously not reprise his role as the original HARRY POTTER in the new film as the producers will conduct an international search for the new young hero in the remake.

Noah’s matured into a fine young actor with an interesting intensity, and we are proud to have him on board,” writer/director John Carl Buechler tells B-D.

While producers are seeking “A” list stars for the lead roles in the film, Buechler seeks to unite more of his original cast.

The film is about a young boy enters a parallel world of wizards and magic where he befriends a good witch. Soon the boy learns that he must save the world from an evil Troll/Wizard that has the ability to hide his essence within the bodies of others.

Watch for more news as it comes in.