SDCC 07: Adam Green Talks ‘Hatchet’, Potential Sequel

Writer-director Adam Green is hard at work at this week’s San Diego Comic Con promoting his upcoming horror film, Hatchet (review), which Anchor Bay will release in theaters on September 7. This morning we caught up with the new face of indie horror who talked to us about what you can expect from the film, how gory it is and whether or not we’ll see a sequel. Read on for the skinny.

At this week’s San Diego Comic Con Bloody-Disgusting caught up with writer-director Adam Green to talk a little bit about his first feature film, HATCHET, which begins it’s theatrical run September 7. What can fans expect to see when the lights dim and the movie starts? “Fans can expect a return to the stuff we grew up on. In the 70’s and 80’s horror had villains, monsters, nudity, gore, and most of all FUN,” Green tells B-D.

Speaking of gore, Green tells us that HATCHET is going to let the red flow,” It’s gory to the point of being over the top,” he explains, “When limbs fly off- the blood shoots 20 feet in the air. Victor Crowley literally tears people to shreds with his bare hands in some scenes. There are deaths in this film that will have audiences cheering and applauding this is John Carl Buechler at his absolute finest hour.

HATCHET has already gained such massive popularity without even having been released, so much so that a sequel is already being planned, “The first film, being an independent movie, has already made money just off of the domestic and foreign acquisitions… so the people who made the first one are ready to start moving on a sequel.” But in the end it all depends on the fans, “The storyline is set and ready to go… you guys just have to say when!


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