SDCC 07: Adam Green Talks ‘Hatchet’ DVD Extras

This afternoon Adam Green’s Hatchet (review) panel drew a whopping 2,000+ screaming fans gearing up for release on September 7. We caught up with the director who talked to us about what extra goodies we might see on DVD when Anchor Bay/Starz releases it sometime late this year/early next year. Read on for the skinny and watch for more soon.

With HATCHET finally making it?s way to theaters September 7, we wanted to start looking to the future the DVD release – Adam Green spills some details to B-D, “Holy sh-t, our DVD is gonna be so f-cking awesome when it comes out. We shot everything in the making of this film, and the same Producer who started putting the film together (Sarah Elbert) is the same person producing the DVD.” Adam explains that keeping the family together is an important part of the film?s life, even on DVD, “With HATCHET, it’s always been a very tight family-oriented ship… and that’s why things have gone so well for us,” he explains, “So rather than handing off the DVD duties to someone who wasn’t really a part of it… our DVD is being handled with the up most personal care. You’ll see everything from how we did the mock trailer, to how we got it made, to how we turned the desert into a swamp, to how we did the FX, to how we sold the movie… it’s like a whole second movie’s worth of sh-t!

When a motley crew of tourists on a Haunted Swamp Tour wind up stranded, their night of comedic spooks quickly roller-coasters into a horrific nightmare as they struggle to escape the swamp alive…and with all of their pieces. A spectacular throwback to 80′s horror and the film that’s been bringing audiences to their feet at film festival’s worldwide, HATCHET is filled with laughs, scares, and over-the-top death sequences you’ll have to see to believe.


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