SDCC 07: Lionsgate Panel Talk, Saw IV, Meat Train

SpookyDan just sent in a report from the Lionsgate panel, which features a description of the clip from Darren Lynn Bousman’s Saw IV and a little bit about the Midnight Meat Train panel. Both films were featured at the San Diego Comic Con last night. Read on for the story.
Spooky Thoughts about the Lionsgate Panel
By SpookyDan

Saw IV

Hey Guys, I just want to update you all about the next wave of Lionsgate films that were presented today at the San Diego Comic Con. Saw IV hits theaters this fall and you have to live under a rock to not know all about this franchise. Director Darren Bousman, Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell, and Producer Mark Burg premiered a clip to the excited audience. The clip was exactly what the horror fans wanted! Set inside a mortuary, two men are chained to a mechanical device in the center of the room, each one has been slightly disabled, one with his eyes, and the other with his mouth SEWN SHUT! Trapped metal collar they must quickly figure out how to get the hell out of the situation. The crowd responded with huge applause at this bloody clip, and Bousman dropped a few hints about the film, saying that the script that Patrick Dunstan and Markus Melton completely took him by surprise and blew him away. For a man who killed off all the characters so meticulously, so as not to bring them back, the writers figured out such a clever device that it even convinced the man who killed them all off. That said, he promised that it will not be a silly evil twin brother, or typical movie convention, but that “the last 5 minutes of the film will really deliver.”

They also told the audience that they originally wanted to premiere the first 5 minutes of the film, and the fine folks at Comic-Con told them a very definite “NO, way to extreme.” This defiantly didn’t bode well with the audience, but the clip was very bloody, and a curious fan asked what the Rating was. Not surprisingly the (more and more despicable) MPAA gave it a NC-17 and Bousman told us that they were used to this happening, as they HAVE TO deliver an R rated film to get proper distribution. I really hate the MPAA, as it has been a touchy topic for many films lately. Those F@ckrs!

Midnight Meat Train

This was the most bizarre, and wonderfully entertaining panel of the Liongate set. I have a number of complaints and first and foremost was the moderator they got. Some jackass from Fox News who had the wonderful insight to insult the crowd on a couple of occasions, and then insult the guests, as he ridiculed a very strangely behaved, yet very funny Clive Barker. Clive told us how impressed he is with this film, and that it is “THE BEST ADAPTATION of one of my short stories that has been made.” The director and cast were on hand to explain their parts in the films and rib Clive about trying to make a film that is better than Candyman or Hellraiser. Leslie Bibb, kind of stole the show with her talks of Clives’ artwork (featured in the film) explaining that they were paintings of dudes with giants “members”. Midnight Meat Train is poised to be the first of a number of films based on the Books of Blood that he has written. The second in the series will be Pig Blood Blues directed by Anthony DiBlassi, under the Midnight Picture Show banner.

The rest of the panel was used to showcase the upcoming Good Luck Chuck, and 3:10 to Yuma, with some celebs like Peter Fonda, Ben Foster , Dane Cook and of course Jessica Alba, to promote their respective films. Non horror…not on this site.

Side note… Whoever decided that a Fox News douchebag (whose name I don’t know) was the right guy to moderate a filmmaker panel should be FIRED. Maybe next year they can hire Kathy Griffin to insult the audience and panel at least it MIGHT be a little funny.