‘Ghostbusters 1.5’.. in Comicbook Form

A new Ghostbusters comic in 2004 marks the 20th anniversary of the popular original box-office hit movie. The comic, written by Andrew Dabb with art by Steve Kurth, hits stores as a four issue min-series this February. Read on for the full scoop and to see how this can be taken as Ghostbusters 1.5..
Here are some excerpts from an article over at News a Rama, “..’Legion’, the initial four-issue mini-series, picks up six months after the end of the first movie,” Dabb explained. “Peter, Egon, Ray and Winston are the stars. Ray is the focus of ‘Legion’, but the other guys get their own little subplots. We’ve really tried to give everyone screen time – er, page time – and take them a few steps beyond where they were in the first movie; Ray isn’t always happy go lucky, Egon shows signs of actually having emotions, Peter gets serious and Winston has a sense of humor. We’re not making any dramatic changes yet, but we didn?t want to tread the exact same ground as previous incarnations of the property have either…”

“..The fame the Ghostbusters got for beating Gozer is fading and some people are starting to think that the whole thing was just a really elaborate – and marshmallowey – hoax,” Dabb said. “Even the people that believe in what the Ghostbusters are doing don?t really see them as anything more than glorified exterminators. Which, obviously, isn’t what the guys wanted. They thought they were going to change the world and win the Nobel prize, instead they’ve become sort of a fad, and one that’s on the decline to boot. ‘Legion’ deals with what you do after you save the world? Where do you go from there? After all, most ghosts aren’t out to enslave the planet, they’re a lot more localized. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous, especially when they work together.

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Source: News A Rama