SDCC 07: Writer-Director Michael Davis Talks ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’

Last night New Line Cinema screened for Comic Con fans the entire new upcoming action film Shoot ‘Em Up, which was so astoundingly packed and well received that an encore performance was played at midnight. We were lucky enough to score a one-on-one interview with writer-director Michael Davis, you can find the highlights inside. Shoot ‘Em Up hits theaters September 7.

Every year each studio has their “stand out” film, the one film they are promoting harder than anything else. this year New Line Cinema is getting behind michael Davis’ SHOOT ‘EM UP, which hits theaters on September 7. After two packed houses, we talked to writer-director Michael Davis about how it felt to be such a major part of the con, “Its feels fantastic… there’s only one thing better than shooting an action movie and that’s showing it! I loved watching evryone clapping and cheering.

Davis also talked a bit with us about why he decided to make this film, “I wonderwd why someone hasn’t done this yet… like the scene where Clive Owen is making love with Monica Bellucci during a shootout.” He also talked a bit about what inspired him, “I was inspired by HARD BOILED and the JAMES BOND movies, even though this is an ‘anti-James Bond’ film,” he continues, “our hero arrives on a bus instead of a fancy car.

After doing numerous romantic comedies (100 Girls, 8 Days a Week) and a horror film (Monster Man) we wanted to know why an action film? He replies, “I love action films because of the eye candy and kenetic energy.

But the main selling point in this film (besides the gun fights) is the awesome Clive Owen, who Michael felt was nearly a partner of his “Clive felt like my partner when shooting this. He would say ‘I’m gonna rewrite this scene’ and it ended up being way better. He fought to keep certain scenes in the movie… and went to the higher ups and spoke up for me and protected me.

SHOOT ‘EM UP is a big budget action movies with amazing gun fights! A man named Mr. Smith (Owen) delivers a woman’s baby during a shootout, and is then called upon to protect the newborn from the army of gunmen.

Check it out in theaters September 7