SDCC 07: Clive Barker Talks Hellraiser, Meat Train!

Yesterday Bloody-Disgusting scored an exclusive one-on-one interview with horror legend Clive Barker who spilled us some brand new info on his remake of Hellraiser, along with a few notes on his upcoming Midnight Meat Train from Lionsgate Films. Read on for the story and watch for more news soon. Click here for all of our other San Diego Comic Con coverage.

Clive Barker talked a bit about why he did MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN next, “I have been developing a lot and never know what’s going to come first.” Then we joked about how no Asian director has proven themselves yet in the horror genre, so why take chance with Ryuhei Kitamura? Clive jokes, “He’s very very good, did you see that trailer?!

But what you guys want to know about is his HELLRAISER remake, so what’s the status? Here, let Clive fill you in, “I recently turned in a 45-page treatment. They [Dimension] wanted a remake and I couldn’t do that,” he continues, “I wrote the narrative so that it has eloquence, I wanted to take what we learned from first movie about Pinhead and pour it into this mold… there’s a great story in there.” He also talked a bit about how different this will be from the original, “It’s a horror and a drama, but its bloodier – but most horror movies are bloodier than they were back then.

Watch for more Comic Con news as it comes in. Click here for all of our other San Diego Comic Con coverage.