SDCC 07: ‘Halloween’ Clip Seen, Rob Zombie Talks

Yesterday Dimension Films held their panel at the San Diego Comic Con where Rob Zombie debuted the first ever clip from his remake of Halloween, which hits theaters August 31. Inside you can read about the clip, see what Zombie had to say and more. Watch for more coverage over the next two days.

Rob Zombie’s Strange Halloween Panel
By SpookyDan

In case you were missed it, here is a short rundown of the “Halloween” panel that was hosted by Rob Zombie, Sheri Moon Zombie, Taylor Mane and Scout Taylor-Compton.

Rob came out looking a lot like a cooler version of Frank Zappa, and greeted a FULL and excited crowd with his usual deadpan and dry sense of humor. Nothing new was said about the film that he has not answered in horror publications and websites before, but he did bring a five-minute clip from the film to world premiere.

The crowd went nuts.

Here is how it went…

*SPOILER ALERT* (I was told that this was nearing the final act of the film, so look away if you want to be surprised). -The clip started with a seemingly lifeless boy of Dr. Loomis being dragged down a hallway by the newly fierce looking Myers. Laurie Strode is cowering and hiding in a closet when he realizes she is there. The bloody Knife comes out. Then is a new characteristic for Myers, he goes ballistic on the wall looking for her. This is not any Myers from the past film; this is a fast and brutal man while being newly agile. Much more of an evil man, and less like a confused animal, as he was portrayed in the other films. He is seriously bad ass! Laurie escapes to the ceiling, so Myers takes a giant 2×4 piece of wood and smashes holes into the roof looking for her. Just as she falls from above, the scene ended.

Crowd again goes nuts!!!

During the Q and A, a film student asked what his advice is to new filmmakers. Rob said “I don’t know, no, I really don’t. But it comes down to this… don’t quit. If you don’t quit, eventually everyone else will quit and you will win by default.

On his other projects:

–“El Superbeasto”, Zombie joked “Yeah, we got to finish that some day.
–“The Nail” – “That would be a fun movie to do, but nothing going yet.
–“Werewolf Nazi’s – “Not yet, but (jokingly) I feel the truth about this chapter in history must be told.
–New Music and Tour – He will be touring in October to take a break from the film world, and a live CD will be coming out then as well.

When asked if wife Sheri Moon had been offered any other film roles she spoke about her kick ass clothing line Total Skull, and said that her life is very busy with the upcoming tour with Rob, and being in his films, she really has not pursued being in other films as she stays very busy right now.

Zombie, lately seems unusually a bit uncomfortable answering questions and defending his choice to remake the masterpiece “Halloween”, but I as much of a fan as I am, I have to admit that his normal charisma has changed from charmingly cynical to seemingly bored. Lets hope that this film will kick as much ass as his music does!