SDCC 07: Kevin Bacon Talks ‘Death Sentence’ Violence

B-D reporter BC just got back from an interview with Kevin Bacon, star of James Wan’s upcoming Death Sentence, which took place at the San Diego Comic Con. Inside you can read about how Wan inspired Bacon for his future film projects and how much violence you’ll see in 20th Century Fox’s film, which hits theaters August 31.

By: BC

BC recently chatted with star Kevin Bacon about working with SAW creator James Wan’s new action pic, “Having worked with James really kind of excited the idea of directing something with a little action in it because it was fun to see the way that James would put those pieces together,” he explains, “The next time I direct a film I want it to be a more “guy” type of film.

But why are we covering the film on B-D if it’s not horror? Well because it’s goddamn BLOODY, “[It's] definitely violent; it’s not like horror violence, there’s no torture. Its ground level, street level, because I wanted to play a guy that didn’t know how to fight, didn’t know how to use a gun and has never been in this situation. The violence is very scrappy and gritty, it’s not like (Bacon mimics a guy running from an explosion in slow-mo). It’s very visceral.”

The story centers on a father out for revenge after his family is attacked in a senseless and heinous gang-initiation crime. The father enacts a death sentence on each perpetrator involved with the crime.

See DEATH SENTENCE in theaters August 31.