SDCC 07: B-D Goes One-On-One With Jessica Alba!

You guys are going to get a kick out of this as this is probably the best story from this year’s San Diego Comic Con, next to our Kate Beckinsale one from yesterday (here). This past Thursday I had the distinct pleasure of talking one-on-one with Jessica Alba, who was promoting her upcoming Lionsgate Films Good Luck Chuck and The Eye. During the interview one of her co-stars couldn’t help himself from interrupting…

Jessica Alba Talks to B-D About THE EYE
Mr. Disgusting

After stealing my soul with her beautiful eyes, Jessica Alba chatted with me briefly about her upcoming role in THE EYE, which hits theaters February 1, 2008. She talked a little bit about the French directors (David Moreau and Xavier Palud) and how this film differs from their first feature film, THEM, which is slated for theatrical release this August. “The French directors are amazing, it’s really going to take the horror genre to another level” she tells B-D, “THE EYE has lots of blood, lots of gore, insanity, ghosts and its painful because you’re going through the entire experience with this girl… you feel her anxiety from beginning to end.” She elaborates, “The film is put in first person perspective to really feel the anxiety and what the characters feel. Ours (The Eye) is a lot more suttle and psychological.

So things are going fine and dandy when the hilariously unfunny Dane Cook interrupts, “I’m a huge Fangor collector, I have the first 100 Fangor magazines,” he continues, “I was in Mr. Brooks.” I swear to God he said Fangor and I’m not quite sure if he was trying to be funny or was just lying – either way, thanks for wasting what little time I had with the astounding Jessica Alba.

Annnyyyways, I was able to squeeze one last question in by the time Dane Cook was done yapping about MR. BROOKS – I need to know, is the infamous elevator scene in THE EYE remake? Alba gives me the sexiest of sly smiles and says “You’ll have to see it,” to which I responded “That’s a yes”… then she was pulled out of my life forever. I’ll miss you Jessica.

In THE EYE Alba plays Sydney, a young, blind violinist is given the chance to see for the first time since childhood through a miraculous corneal transplant. As Sydney adjusts to a dizzying new world of colors and shapes, she is haunted by frightening visions of death itself capturing the doomed and dragging them away from the world of the living. Terrorized and on the brink of insanity, Sydney must discover whose eyes she has inherited, and what secret visions they have held.

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