SDCC 07: SpookyDan Talks With ‘Doomsday’s’ Neil Marshall

Today SpookyDan sent in a few bits from his interview with Neil Marshall, the writer-director of Rogue’s upcoming Doomsday. Read on for the skinny. The film is set three decades after a lethal virus tore through a major country, leading to the country’s walling off. When the virus, known as the Reaper, resurfaces in another country, an elite group is dispatched to the infected country to find a cure. There, they end up shut off from the rest of the world and must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare.


Neil Marshall Assaults Comic Con with his Post Apocalyptic Adventure “Doomsday”
By SpookyDan

Saturday morning was a severe pain in the ass during this week’s San Diego Comic Con. The lines, the traffic and the early morning interviews (not to mention the late night partying that happens every night!) As I arrived to the roundtable discussions with writer-director Neil Marshall, I am ushered in and quickly sat down for a quick talk about his next film, DOOMSDAY, that promises to be a visceral attack merging genres and kicking ass.

When asked about the rating Neil tells B-D, “I don’t know exactly how the US system boards work [or] what it’s based on. I would certainly say [it’s] an “R” Rating without a doubt, but what do you have to do to get an NC-17? There’s plenty of NASTY Blood and Guts, but there’s no sort of sexual violence in it. Plenty of swearing as well, but I don’t think its offensive in any way.” He later gave more detail, “We blow up a rabbit with a machine gun at one point!

On comparisons to other virus based films, he answered, “I wanted to deal with viruses on a very real level,” he continues, “the virus doesn’t have any sort of special qualities, it’s just a virus that kills you in the most horrendous way; it liquidizes you and all your organs, makes you hemorrhage from every orifice. All those kinds of disgusting things that real viruses do.” Marshall also talked a bit about how the virus sets up the film, “The virus in this film however is the back-story …so we are taking a different approach.

This means for us horror fans we can expect some very edgy nastiness and yes, it will definitely be an R rating. At Bloody-Disgusting we are HUGE fans of Marshall’s past works and cannot express highly enough about how much we are anticipating this film.