SDCC 07: Chris Gorak Talks ‘Right At Your Door’

Inside you’ll find a few bits from our exclusive one-on-one interview with Chris Gorak, writer-director of the upcoming Right at Your Door (review), which hits limited theaters on August 24. Read on for the skinny. After multiple dirty bombs are detonated, spreading deadly toxic ash across Los Angeles, Brad inadvertently quarantines his wife, Lexi outside their new home by safely sealing himself inside. With the city under siege and Martial Law in affect, Brad and Lexi struggle to survive with little supply, limited time and no information – all the while separated by thin doors and thinner sheets of plastic. When “help” finally does arrive, it appears to be anything but.

RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR: Writer-Director Chris Gorak

By Mr Disgusting

While interviewing at this week’s San Diego Comic Con, we asked RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR writer-director Chris Gorak if he was nervous tackling such a sensitive subject as terrorism on our home ground, he explains, “Tackling current affairs in film is a tricky thing because you are at the mercy of what happens in reality, what is reported in the news and therefore what headspace the general public is in at the time. It affects the writing process, the filming process and so on.” Originally he wrote the film as a protest to the Iraq war, “I wrote the first draft of RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR at the end of 2003 out of disgust for the Iraq war and the false pretenses we used to start it. And now, the film is being released in 2007 so it has been a long process of watching the shift of public opinions. I think it is a perfect time for the film to be released.

Out of all the places for the film to take place, why LA? Gorak tells us simply, “I live in Los Angeles so to be fair; if I put the event right at your door it should be at my door as well. Most importantly I wanted to be sensitive to 9/11, NYC and DC. And, LA has been a potential target since pre-9/11, I believe it was in 1999 when a suspected plot of blowing up LAX was discovered.

RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR in theaters August 24