SDCC 07: Vinnie Jones Talks Violence in ‘Midnight Meat Train’

While at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend we also had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Vinnie Jones, who plays what could be the new horror icon “Mahogany” in Lionsgate’s Midnight Meat Train, which is slated for release in 2008. Read on for the story and watch for more interviews tonight.


By: Mr. Disgusting

When we walked the press line one thing came up in every interview, Vinnie Jones, who plays Mahogany in MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, could be the new horror icon, “That would be fantastic if I was!” he tells Bloody-Disgusting, “I have a steel hammer, which will be seen a lot… It crushes the heads [of my victims].

Jigsaw might be a new horror icon, but the fact that he’s not immortal makes him fallible, what about Mahogany? “Were not sure how old the character is – is he 20 or 200 years old?” The fact that he’s super strong could also be an indication that he’s immortal, “He’s [Mahogany] got a lot of strength, he lifts people up and also skins them.

He also tells B-D that there’s a “hidden twist that comes to life slowly…” and also talks a bit about what it would take for a sequel, “We have to wait until this comes out, he explains, “fans how to go make up their minds if its something they want to see or not.” You can decide sometime in 2008.

Vinnie Jones as “Mahogany”