Gulager Returns For ‘Feast’ Sequels, Rated NC-17?!

Were you one of the fans of Dimension’s direct-to-video entry Feast? It’s one of my favorite popcorn movies in years and I’m stoked that two sequels are in the works (news here). Today more news hit the web about the sequels, which re-teams writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston with director john Gulager! Read on for details.

While talking to Fango about his scripting work with Patrick Melton on SAW IV, screenwriter Marcus Dunstan shared a bit of news on their back-to-back sequels to FEAST, the PROJECT GREENLIGHT creature feature that marked their entree into Hollywood. “FEAST 2 and 3 are coming together, with [director John] Gulager back,” Dunstan tells Fango. “Neo Art & Logic is producing again, and if they let us get away with the vulgarities we’ve currently scripted, and if we don’t get deported, we just may have the NC-17-rated monsterfest that was only hinted at in the first film.

Source: Fangoria