Why Does Burton Love Depp So Much?

During a recent interview with Sci-Fi Wire, Tim Burton talked about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and why he loves Johhny Depp, “Burton said that he is awaiting a script before revealing details of his version of the beloved story. But he confirmed earlier reports that he will cast Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. “I love working with him,” Burton said. “I’ve worked with him three times. He’s my friend. [He] always surprises [me]. I like these kind of actors [who] don’t care how they look. They’re just willing, and there’s a freedom to that and an excitement that I get from that. [Some] people are like, ‘Wait, my light’s not right,’ or ‘I’m not coming out of my trailer until this happens or that.’ [People like Depp] are people ready to go.” Follow the link for more.

Source: Sci-Fi