Horror In Your House Has a ‘Vacancy’ For Terror

Inside we’ve added our ‘Horror In Your House’ for this Tuesday, August 14, which features a bunch of DVDs I’m sure you’ll watch to check out. This week Sony releases one of the better mainstream horror films of the year, Vacancy, while Anchor Bay unleashed two more titles from their popular Masters of Horror line. Read on to see what else hits DVD this Tuesday.

Horror In Your House

August 14, 2007
By: Tex Massacre

Acts of Death: Lionsgate

Rehearsals can be a killer! Baxter University’s theater group has a secret club that “initiates” young freshmen girls. When one initiation gets out of hand, a beautiful actress dies a tragic and horrific death. Too scared to confess their crime, the group tries to get away with the murder. But the next night, when the group stays late for rehearsal, it becomes apparent that someone wants them to pay for their actions. How many will die before the final curtain comes down on these killers?

Carved (a.k.a. The Slit-Mouthed Woman): Tartan

Legend holds that 30 years ago, a suburban town was terrorized by the spirit of a woman whose beautiful face had been grotesquely disfigured by a jealous husband. Roaming the streets wearing a long coat and surgical mask, the spirit would approach her young victims and, while removing the mask, ask if she was pretty. The victim’s response would almost always lead to their violent death. Now, one by one, children are disappearing again. As teachers and officials desperately begin to investigate, a panic begins to build as the woman’s spirit returns for some unfinished business and the town’s dark secrets are exposed.

The Empty Acre: Cinema Epoch

Beth and Jacob have a normal life, a healthy son, and a farm with a secret: a field where nothing lives. Cattle that stray too near die. Townspeople disappear in the night. And every day the dead acre grows larger. Then one night, Beth and Jacob’s infant son is taken from them. What follows is a frantic search for their child.

Graveyard of Honor: Animego

Rikuo Ishimatsu is a lowly dishwasher who unknowingly saves the life of a Yakuza Oyabun and quickly rises to a position of power in his gang. Loyally supporting his Oyabun and his brother gangsters, Ishimatsu wreaks havoc on anyone who stands in their way, inevitably earning himself a trip to the slammer.

Not necessarily horror, this 2002 Takashi Miike film still deserves a bloody good look.

Grindhouse Universe: Ban 1

From the Creators of 42nd Street Forever comes GRINDHOUSE UNIVERSE. This is the all new Ban 1 Productions cult trailer DVD! With over 2 1/2 hours worth of exploitation excellence and extra features including Audio Commentary by cult film journalist David Hayes, Vintage theater product ads

Cult film aficionado’s this might just be your holy grail…but don’t miss out, this is a special limited issue of only 1000 DVDs.

Halloween: Anchor Bay

Do you really need me to tell you what HALLOWEEN is about? And, seriously, do you really need another re-release from the crew at Anchor Bay?

Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs: Anchor Bay

It is called Highberger House, a place for unpublished writers to live and work without distractions while they continue to pile up rejection letters. But this building is haunted by more than just the specter of failed authors: There is the ghost of a beautiful woman in the hallways who cries out in fear and desire. And there is a beast in the walls that owns her body and soul, and now fiends for the blood of his creators.

Mick Garris does Clive Barker in this latest from the Masters of Horror series.

Masters of Horror: We All Scream For Ice Cream: Anchor Bay

William Forsythe of THE DEVIL’S REJECTS stars as Buster The Clown, a mentally challenged man who sells ice cream his Cheery Tyme truck until a cruel prank by a bunch of neighborhood boys goes horrifically wrong. A generation later they’re all grown men with families, but the crime of their past may now be trolling for their children: Buster and his truck have returned for sweet revenge, and every frozen treat will bring its own taste of Hell.

Tom Holland (CHILD’S PLAY) dusts off the directors cap after a decade absence to take the helm of his own Masters of Horror episode.

Savage Harvest 2: October Blood: Elite

Tyge Murdock, a successful director of low-budget horror films, has been chasing monsters his whole life. When an actor is accidentally killed on the set of his latest production, Tyge returns to his hometown to reassess his life. But all new nightmares await him there…

The crew at Wicked Pixel cinema bring a sequel (of sorts) to there 1994 DIY flick SAVAGE HARVEST.

The Severed Head Network: Elite (TEX’S PICK OF THE WEEK)

This compilation contains short films from America’s most controversial cult filmmakers, Including: FAITH IN NOTHING is a fever-dream of eroticism and haunting beauty. VOMIRE is a sucker-punch of expressionistic imagery about angels, sex, and meat. SATISFACTION explores the intense relationship between an abused woman and her one-night-stand.

It’s more, more, gore, gore from the Wicked Pixel gang. Eight short film to get your juices…err….flowing.

Splatter Farm: Camp Motion Pictures

Teenage twins Alan and Joseph are sent to spend time at their aunt’s farm. Little do they know that Aunt Lacy has an unhealthy obsession with her deceased husband, whose body she keeps in her home, and her handyman is a serial killer who dismembers his victims and stores their body parts in the barn.

Another Shot-on-video DIY epic from the fine folks at Camp Motion Pictures. This 1987 flick is from John Polonia who is helming SPLATTER BEACH the upcoming Misty Mundae film. It’s nice to see that after 20-years, John can still work the word “Splatter” into his film tiles.

Vacancy: Sony Pictures

When David and Amy Fox’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, they are forced to spend the night at the only motel around, with only the TV to entertain them… until they discover that the low-budget slasher videos they find in their room were all filmed in the very room they’re sitting in.

It’s like SAW meets PSYCHO meets ON THE LOT, or something….