Savini Joins Cast Of ‘Lost Boys’ Sequel

According to Fango Radio, Tom Savini will appear in The Lost Boys: The Tribe. “I’m one of the first vampires you see in the movie,” Savini said of the sequel to the much-loved 1987 Joel Schumacher teen horror hit. “I’m a surfer who runs into the vampires at the beginning of the film, in a sequence that is shot very Sergio Leone-style. They’re shooting THE TRIBE in Vancouver right now, and I’ll be there September 11.” Savini also believes that the film will be going theatrical due to the success of Coreys Feldman and Haim’s reality show. Savini joins a cast that includes the two Coreys, Keifer Sutherland’s brother, and some other folks. Let’s just hope he inspires the makeup guys to not leave everything to CG like most modern vampire movies.

Source: Fango