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Lazy Sunday Review of XXXombies mini-series

Recently Mr. D talked about the comic series XXXombies being turned into a movie. I never read the series because I thought the title was very lame, I have a huge problem not reading comics because of the title. Well, I’m trying to move past that and I picked up the 4 issue mini-series this weekend. Jump after the break to see my review…
XXXombies1 xxxombies2
XXXombies takes place in L.A. during the 70’s and centers around a crew from a porn shoot being attacked by zombies. The crew then needs to escape but finds that no place is safe…that’s as about it for plot, but it’s strong suit is in blood, guts, and sex.

XXXombies tries to take a page from Grindhouse and take the zombie formula and add copious amounts of sex, swearing, and violence. There are many scenes in the mini-series that might make you cringe or just say “no way” in disbelief like I did. These scenes of exploitation are clearly the draw in XXXombies. I was going to show some images from the comic, like the infamous nursery scene, but I think it would be better for you to be surprised.

The bottom line is if you want a fun zombie book that does not take it self too easy and has boobs and over the top gore…XXXombies is for you. Up next on my comics to review that I missed because of their awful names: ZMD, Zombies of Mass Destruction…yuck.



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