‘Castlevania’ Toys Announced, Full Specs

Since everyone caused such a stink when Sirs Boll and Anderson were both mentioned as possibilities for directing the Castlevania movie, I assume that most of you are huge fans of the game. You wouldn’t just get all defensive about a film you honestly didn’t care about just as an excuse to slam a filmmaker you don’t like, right? Of course not! So that’s why I am providing you all with some images and details for a couple of Castlevania toys that are coming soon from NECA. Inside you’ll get the skinny on Simon and Alucard (Hey! That’s Dr. Acula backwards!). Details on the other characters in the set, Succubus and Dracula himself, will be available in a couple days.
For centuries the Belmont clan has fought the forces of darkness. Pitted against the nearly unstoppable armies of the undead is Simon Belmont, hero of the legendary Castlevania franchise! NECA is proud to present our Simon Belmont Action Figure from the highly anticipated first series of Castlevania Action Figures! Simon sports an incredible 20 points of articulation including:

* Ball Jointed Neck
* Ball Jointed Shoulders
* Ball Jointed Chest
* Ball Jointed Waist
* Ball Jointed Wrists
* Ball Jointed Ankles
* V-Crotch
* Swivel Biceps
* Swivel Forearms (angled)
* Swivel Thighs
* Swivel Calves
* Bendable Knees

Loaded with game-accurate power-ups, Simon comes packed with seven accessories:

* Whip
* Spiked ball & chain
* Cross boomerang
* Long sword with sheath
* Dagger with sheath
* Candle
* Alternate left hand

Simon can also be equipped with selected accessories from the other figures in the series!

Also in this series is the unlikeliest protagonist of the Castlevania franchise: Dracula’s own son, Alucard. Half human, half vampire, the heroic dhampir is forced to live as an eternal outcast. Even pitted against his father’s nearly unstoppable bloodthirsty hordes, Alucard’s skill with the sword and uncanny supernatural talents make him a force to reckon with. The Alucard Action Figure is beautifully sculpted and features over 15 points of articulation, including:

* Ball Jointed Neck
* Ball Jointed Shoulders
* Ball Jointed Elbows
* Ball Jointed Knees
* Ball Jointed Ankles
* T-Crotch
* Swivel Waist
* Swivel Forearms
* Swivel Wrists

# Alucard also features game-accurate accessories, including:Cross on chain
# Bottle of Holy Water
# Sword with sheath
# Meat