Amblin Entertainment Steps Back On ‘Jurassic Park IV’?

Those wonderful buffoons over at are back again, let’s give them a standing ovation for picking up a phone and calling some secretary at Spielberg’s offices who is instructed to always deny any claim to hit the web. They report that casting is NOT underway for Jurassic Park IV, which we broke the news on here last week. “Casting has not commenced on the film, as the story and screenplay are still in development,” is what they’ve been informed by supposed Spielberg reps. I think Amblin Entertainment should get on the phone and tell that to all of the casting agencies they sent casting calls to – I have a friend planning on auditioning! Although… maybe Amblin and co. saw all the web backlash from the moronic plotline posted with the casting call and freaked out, pulled the plug? The film is about the government who has trained dinosaurs to carry weapons and use them for battle purposes. We’ll keep you posted here (where the website actually functions) for real updates.