Any Festival Of Fear Attendees Want To Be In A Movie?

B-D reporter Spooky Dan left LA this morning for The Festival of Fear in Toronto. I will put aside my insane jealousy for a few moments to report that in addition to seeing a lot of new movies and hanging out with their cast and crews, Spooky will be shooting stuff for a documentary about, naturally, horror, and he wants YOU to participate! Got something to say about the current state of horror? Want to give a shout out to an underrated gem? Can you explain the ending of Jason Takes Manhattan??? Look inside for details. The Fest begins tomorrow, August 24th, and runs all weekend.
Hey ghouls,

If you are going to Rue Morgues Festival of Fear convention in Toronto, look for me, Spooky Dan, as I am co-hosting a horror documentary, and we are looking for true horror fans to be a part of it. No, I won’t pay you, and No, I cant get you into any of the parties… but it will be a opportunity for you to voice your opinion on the state of horror, why you are a fan, what you love about the horror community, and whatever other weird or depraved topics we can come up with. I hope to see you there!!!