First List Of Theaters Showing ‘Hatchet’ Announced

By no means is this list final (doesn’t even have Los Angeles yet!), but it’s a damn good start for the theaters in major cities that will be showing Adam Green’s superb slasher Hatchet, which hits theaters on September 7th. Those who might be looking for a REAL slasher movie would do well to check inside and see if their favorite theater is listed. And if it’s not, please do not despair, many more theaters will be added to the list as we get closer to release. But just to be safe, make sure you demand your local theater carries the film! Over at the Hatchet Army page there is lots of info on the numbers to call and all that good stuff, plus they are always running contests. I got me an out of print Fulci Collection DVD simply for wearing my Hatchet shirt at Comic Con! So if you haven’t signed up yet, get yer ass in gear! All hail Victor Crowley!


Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
AMC Barton Creek 14


Muvico Egyptian 24
AMC White Marsh 16
AMC Owings Mills 17


AMC Boston Commons 19
National Amusements Showcase Revere 20
CFC Entertainment Cinemas Fresh Pond 10


AMC Crestwood 18
AMC River East 21
AMC Ford City 14
AMC Barrington 30
AMC Streets of Woodfield 20
AMC Cantara 30
AMC Country Club 16
Marcus Gurnee 20
Marcus Addison 20


AMC Fairlane 21
AMC Southfield 24
AMC Great Lakes 25
AMC Forum 30 with IMAX

El Paso

Carmike El Paso 16
Carmike 20


AMC Gulf Pointe 30
AMC Studio Houston 30
AMC Deerbrook 24
AMC Willowbrook 24

Las Vegas

Brenden Palms Casino


Malco Majestic 20
Malco Towne 16
Muvico Peabody

New Orleans

AMC Palace 20
AMC Palace 16

New York

AMC Empire 25

Norfolk/Newport News

AMC Lynnhaven 18
AMC Hampton Towne Center 24


AMC Mesa Grande 24
AMC Deer Valley 30
AMC Westgate 20
AMC Ahwatukee 24
Harkin Arizona Mills 24


National Amusements Providence Place 16
National Amusements Showcase Warwick Mall
National Amusements Showcase Seekonk
CFC Cinema World Lincoln Mall 16

Sacramento / Stockton / Modesto

Brenden Modesto 18

San Antonio

AMC Hueber Oaks 24
Santikos Palladium 18 and IMAX
Santikos Mayan Palace
Santikos Silverado 16

San Diego

AMC Palm Promenade 24
AMC Mission Valley 20