Robert Englund At It Again, ‘FvJvM’?

A mere “grain” of salt won’t do; you should take this news with about 23 tons of the stuff. But it’s a slow news day, and it’s always fun to report on what Robert Englund is coming up with when he talks to fans. Seems every time he speaks he has a new project to talk about that never actually happens. But hey, it’s entertaining, and that’s all the films will provide anyway. So read on for a report from Glasgow’s Collectormania concerning Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Michael, as well as some news concerning Wes Craven’s involvement in the long rumored prequel.
Today at Collectormania in Glasgow, Robert Englund was talking about his time with Freddy and his time on TV show the V.

Someone in the crowd asked him if there would be any more Freddy films. He said that New Line Cinema were in talks with John Carpenter to make a movie called, you guessed it, Freddy vs Jason Vs Michael. He also revealed that Freddy vs Jason vs Ash was going to be made but it got pulled [Editor’s note – the ideas for this film will be implemented in a comic book being released this fall].

Also he said that New Line Cinema are in talks with Wes Craven about making a prequel to A Nightmare On Elm Street. He said it would start with Freddy working at the school as the janitor and end with him being burnt. He made a joke saying that at least he wouldn’t have to where the make up all the way throughout the movie. He revealed that there is a SCRIPT for this movie already made!!

Finally he talked about 2001 Maniacs. He said he starred in that as a favor to the director and he had such a good time making it that they are going to make another one!!

Thats all the news i have. All of it is from Robert Englund’s own mouth.

This report comes from Stephen D, thanks sir!

Englund will have time to film all of these movies if he ever stops talking about them and getting the fans’ hopes up for their existence.