Lawrence Bender Back To Horror!

Most folks probably associate Lawrence Bender with Quentin Tarantino (he’s produced every one of QT’s films except Death Proof). But to me, he will always be the producer of one the more underrated slasher movies from the 80′s: Intruder. It’s a slasher in a supermarket, with some really inventive kills, and cameos by Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. If you haven’t seen it, please do so (after you read the rest of this article). Anyway, Bender’s production company, Overture Films, is set to produce a film called Outside. According to Variety, it’s a supernatural thriller from writer Ronnie Christensen that follows the paranormal events that occur when a broken family takes up residence in a new house, one that for some reason contains the gateway to a past dimension. Hey, whatever works.

Source: Variety