One of the First ‘Cabin Fever’ DVD Reviews!

Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever (review) pulled in over $21 million at the box office this summer, almost doubling what Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses pulled in. Inside is my positive look at the DVD for Lions Gate Film’s awesome summer hit that you can pick up on video shelves January 20th, 2004.
“Cabin Fever is a veritable high-school reunion for the best and most important horror films of the past 30 years” – Lyle Henretty’s review

These days DVDs are usually planned out way in advance, and many of the special features are planned as well, giving the consumer a DVD that’s fully packed for such an incredible price. But the question with most Lions Gate Films is – since Lions Gate picked up an independent film that they hadn’t really planned on being such a success, can they still make the DVD worthwhile with such a lack of planning? After a let down with the House of 1000 Corpses DVD, I didn’t really expect too much from the Cabin Fever DVD, which is an even smaller flick in the eyes of Hollywood. But after my initial viewing, I found the DVD to be extremely well packed for such a unplanned success. The reason the DVD kicks so much ass is because Eli Roth and whomever made this DVD took whatever they could scrounge up related to Roth and plopped it down on this puppy, which carries a $26.99 SRP.

First off, the opening interactive menu (pictured below) is really cool; it shows a leg being shaven that displaying the options underneath, and then it bleeds down the leg. The special features menu (pictured below) is really cool looking too, with eerie sound effects. The special features are interesting to say the least, very interesting. There’s Five Production Commentaries, “Beneath the Skin” – The Making of Cabin Fever, Three Director’s Shorts: “The Rotten Fruit”, The Family Friendly Cut, Chick-Vision Cut, Music Only Track, and Pancakes!

What really made this DVD for me was the “Beneath the Skin” – The Making of Cabin Fever featurette. Unlike some of the other DVDs recently, Cabin Fever’s making of featurette is a fantastic 30 minutes long. Besides watching them set up the scenes, you get alot of interactions between Eli Roth, the cast and Roth’s parents. I bet you didn’t know that Cabin Fever is based on a true story, that actually happened to Roth! While on a trip, he had a flesh eating disease, that caused him to lose layers of flesh when he shaved, that’s when inspiration hit (always at the weirdest times right?)! We also get to see the “love” between the cast and crew and learn some of the tricks on how and why the lighting is the way that it is. This is by far one of the best features on the DVD.

Next up is my favorite part of this DVD, which almost makes it worth the money right here. The Three Director’s Shorts: “The Rotten Fruit” is amazing. They are three animated (claymation) videos Eli Roth made in 2000 about a band named “Rotten Fruit.” The videos are violent, vulgar and hilarious! They run about five minutes each, but it’ll leave you dying for a DVD of just these puppies! If you want a taste, you’ll be able to watch some clips here in the near future. There’s just something about rotten fruit murdering a boy band that makes me tingle.

The “Pancakes” music video is pretty cool, its nothing super amazing, it just displays the “Pancake kid” showing off his super amazing karate moves to a song entitled “Gay Bar” performed by Electric Six; it runs around 1:45.

The “Family-Friendly Version” is something I got a laugh off of once before. If you own the Freddy Got Fingered DVD, then you know exactly what this is. Its a freaking hysterical 30 second version of the film, with cheesy happy music. The “Chick-Vision” cut of the film is perfect for when you’re dying to watch the film, but your girlfriend is to chicken **** to watch it. Chick Vision will “automatically block out the most frightening scenes as they approach, offering a happier viewing experience,” only problem is, the subtitles won’t work, big deal right?

Unfortunately, the last goodie I won’t have time to listen for awhile; but come on, five commentaries, how can that not kick ass?!

I just recently found the easter eggs with a little help from Eli, and I must say, these eggs RULE! The “eggs” placed throughout the DVD show a little story revolving around Deputy Winston (Giuseppe Andres) as he “parties” hard with porn superstar Stephanie Swift and Playboy TV personality Janelle Perry from The Weekend Flash! Im not going to give away much, but it’s pretty funny, totally worth checking out.

Overall, I give the DVD 4 1/2 out of 5 Skulls. If you are a fan of the flick, then you’ll be a fan of the DVD. Get your own copy on January 20th, and watch back here in January for your chance to win a copy! Check out the official site until then, or see what others had to say about the film in our review thread.

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