Larry Cohen to Remake His Own Movie?

According to Variety, Director Larry Cohen has just purchased the remake rights to his 1974 film It’s Alive!, which is about a family whom is expecting a baby, which turns out to be a monster with the nasty habit to kill when it’s scared… and it’s easily scared. Read on for the full details on the film.

Variety reports, “Larry Cohen wants back into the mainstream. To accomplish that, the 64-year old genre movie auteur has acquired the remake rights to It’s Alive from Warner Bros. and is shopping a new monster-baby script, hoping to capitalize on a studio climate that’s transformed an increasing number of yesterday’s B-movies into today’s box office hits…”

In reference to the success of the original, “It’s Alive was released through Warner Bros. As Cohen tells it, Terry Semel, who had just become the studio’s distribution chief, plucked the film off the shelf and released it rapidly in nearly 1,000 theaters, an unusually aggressive gambit at the time.”

“The [original] film — which Cohen says cost $425,000 to produce, including makeup work by Rick Baker and a score by Bernard Herrmann and the London Philharmonic, proved to be a remarkably efficient financial enterprise. It grossed approximately $14 million in its first theatrical run and has had a long ancillary afterlife. “Larry is an idea factory,” says Dean Devlin, who’s producing Cellular…”

Source: Variety