TIFF Review: Dario Argento’s ‘The Mother of Tears’!!!

The Toronto International Film Festival has officially kicked off and B-D is on site getting your first looks at all the latest horror films. As part of Midnight Madness, Dario Argento celebrated his birthday in style with the world premiere of his highly-anticipated third mother film, The Mother of Tears, which Mike Pereira writes, “Sure, it’s no “Suspiria” and frankly, nothing ever will be. If you can get over that fact, you will find yourself entertained by Argento’s delightfully deranged and energetic epic. It’s got brutal violence! Nudity! Lesbian sexuality! Lots of lesbians! Yes, it’s politically-incorrect. What more do you want in an Argento movie?!” Click the title for the review and watch our official TIFF MOVIES/REVIEWS page for new reviews throughout the weekend.

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