This Story Will Make You SICK

Celluloid Shockers did a little investigative work at the Hellraiser reunion in the UK and found out some really interesting news regarding the Helloween project, “Clive Barker and John Carpenter were good to go. Clive had the agreement papers, was ready to put pen to paper and then got a call from Bob Weinstein (Which is rare) and told Clive that they no longer wanted to do it. Now if you can imagine the two egos of Weinstein and Barker clashing with fury… you can get the idea of how that conversation ended. Now Barker is pissed off, Doug is pissed off and John Carpenter is pissed off that Mustapha Akkad has changed his mind on the project. So there you go. The rumors of a Clive Barker script directed by John Carpenter was 100% TRUE.

Source: Celluloid Shockers