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Review of Resident Evil 5 Prequel Comic: Resident Evil 5

The first issue of the new Resident Evil series of comics came out weeks ago, I tried to get it then but the comic book store were already sold out. I was pretty shocked at that since I came really early on a Wednesday, so I had to patiently wait and special order it. My copy finally came in last week and I dove right in and the results were…well…interesting. My full review after the break.
ResidentEvilRev ResidentEvilRev2
That image above is actually in this issue, if you told me that most of the comic would be set in space I would say you were playing too much Dino Crisis 3 and Dead Space. But alas, most of the comic takes place on an infected space station and one lone person is sent to clean up the mess. Around the same time, a crew of BSAA soldiers are sent to a fake country to eradicate the infected there as well. There has not really been any explanations why any of this is happening, but it would be a safe bet that these 2 occurrences are linked.

Before the issue came out, Wildstorm was saying that this mini-series would flesh out what happened to Chris Redfield before Resident Evil 5. One would assume that he would be involved in the comic somehow but currently he is not.

One really strong aspect of the issue was the artwork by Kevin Sharpe (Army of Darkness, Generation X.) His artwork has a good mixture of Saturday Morning Cartoons with Horror Movie Exploitation. He definitely knows how to draw a woman in a spacesuit.

I can’t figure out yet how the rest of the series is gonna go. I would say buy this if you’re a die hard Resident Evil fan that must know everything. For everyone else, you might wanna wait this one out.



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