MPAA Smacks Up BDTV, Resolved… ‘Saw IV’ Clip Returns!

I nearly blew a gasket yesterday as the MPAA was coming down on the studios, who were coming down on us to remove some cool content from BDTV. We believe in our rights and hate that some “group” has the power to change our content without any government input. If it’s not against the law, why the heck do we have to abide by it? Long story short we hate censorship. After a long conversation we decided that it wouldn’t hurt to add an “age gate” to specific clips on BDTV, thus making us able to keep the clips live without any BS coming down on B-D. So back with blood, guys and glory is the red band trailer for Aliens vs Predator: Requiem and the super gory autopsy clip from Lionsgate’s Saw IV. Enjoy and feel free to bash the man below.

Source: BDTV