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[Podcast] News From The Crypt EP. 58: The Evil Dead

Weeeee’re gunna review yooooou. Not another claaassic. Time to get criticized.

On this months show Keenan, David and Lauren jump right into the gore with this years number one talked about horror remake. Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead! We also take a look at Room 237, Hitchcock, The Collection and we’re giving away some real treats!



  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Nice podcast, guys. Even though I enjoyed ‘Evil Dead’, I totally understand your guys’ negative reviews. It certainly wasn’t the movie I had hoped for after watching the cool trailer. I liked the directors use of over the top/practical effects but disliked that he abandoned the “scares” and creepy atmosphere…Anywho, I’ll definitely check out the next Podcast 🙂

    • LaurenTaylor


  • EvilHead1981

    I thought the Evil Dead remake was alright. I’m pretty much jaded when it comes to reboots. IMO, it’s probably the only one in the last decade or more that I actually enjoyed. Was it better than the original? No, far from it. The characters weren’t too developed, to be honest, I didn’t really want them to be. Reading the script, they tried to toss in pointless shit and conversations “just for the sake” of developing characters and it felt forced and out of place(IMO). I don’t care about who these people are or stupid social babble, I want to see the killing! Does gore equal scares? I agree that id doesn’t, but to be honest again, I haven’t been scared or creeped out by a scary/horror movie since I was in elementary school. Maybe it’s just that everything’s been done and the “boo!”s don’t amount to much. Gore, while it was good looking in ED, isn’t scary. Though, even when I watched the original, I actually didn’t find THAT one scary either. The creepiest part about it was the porch swing moving by itself, then stopping, and that was it.

    The Collection was, IMO, better than The Collector, but that’s only because the characters were somewhat more likable than the ones in the first movie. Also, they got rid of the overly “green” tint like the Saw movies(the first Collector movie tried to be as tinted gritty in a way, and it just looked like shit). The Collection goes for a more Argento-esque(and I mean good Dario Argento from the 70s and 80s, not crap modern Argento) lighting(which after seeing other movies and television shows do the same, I’m wondering if it’s becoming a trend). But that’s it. One of the biggest things I hated about the original was how the family was just SOOOOO stupid, in terms of horror movie fodder. Everything bad and dumb you can do, they did and died because of it. Meh.

    No interest in Riddick, nor Godzilla(it just doesn’t interest me when directors and producers make it a point that the movie’s aiming for a “grounded” and “realistic” take, which is the same modern spiel you get over and over again that just pisses me the hell off).

  • Golic

    People need to go back and re-watch the original Evil Dead, it’s actually a pretty terrible movie; the remake was WAY better than the original! better acting, better story, better effects, better music, better cinematography etc. etc.

    • sweetooth

      I really hope that is your attempt at trolling this talkback.

      • Golic


    • Shropshire Slasher

      Yes the original was horrible acting-wise, money- wise, and production wise, but all these guys were basically back yard movie makers just out of college, and most didn’t graduate, just to make Evil Dead. What people forget, or just simply don’t know is that the new version is what they would have made given the money. That’s why Peter Jackson made Dead Alive. A horror film usually always makes back your investment plus profit, albeit small. But it gets your name out there as a risk taking director. You can’t argue with Lord of the Rings and Spider-Man!

      • sweetooth

        Evil Dead came out in 1981. Compare it to the other horror movies of that era and in actual fact, Evil Dead really doesn’t have too bad of production values at all.

        It was, and still is, one of the most inventive horror films ever made.

        DO I think the production values would have been better had they had more money, sure. But do I think the script would have been modified into the garbage currently playing in theatres now, no.

  • Eclipsed

    Wow I was really taken back by your negative review of Evil Dead on the podcast. Really? The movie tried to have some twists in the plot and kept it slightly different from the other films. I seriously want to know what the hell you wanted. You make it sound like Resident Evil or something like that.

    You guys sounded like spoiled kids on the podcast.

    • Golic

      THANK YOU! It’s that purest attitude some have going in to watching a remake; it’s like they’ve already made up their mind even before watching the damn movie!

  • Shropshire Slasher

    I really believe that you have to forget the original, but I mean just to see the remake. Pretend the original didn’t happen. OK I’ll say it, treat it like a stand alone movie. Heaven’s knows I can’t FORGET the original, it’s my favorite movie of all time! But let it live in it’s own universe like comics. I think if you do that it’s a good movie. Let your expectations melt away. I just left my brain at the door and enjoyed. I knew there would be plenty of blood, because the original did, so, you hang Evil Dead on something it had better
    have blood, along with the fact that, yes it was a remake of the original. I’m not trying to back pedal on what I said earlier, but let it be it’s own world, or universe.

    • Eclipsed

      Well said.

  • Shropshire Slasher

    Everyone wants to say that they didn’t think the new Evil Dead was better than the original. It was in every way, stay with me, it was better money, acting, story, and effects-wise, BUT I will always reach for the original to show friends my favorite movie and tell them why it is. But I have a new #2!

  • sweetooth

    Sorry, story and writing were not good in the new one, and the acting for the most part was no better. It had to have some of the most banal and flay characters I’ve seen in a horror film. But yes, the production values were amped up for the new one.

    One area I thought it also loses to the original though is in score and sound design. In the old one the deadites sound like monsters, in the new one they turn them into some kind of half-assed exorcist rip off and they just sounded bad every time they opened their mouths.

    • sweetooth


  • Archgoat

    I thought the movie was good, but something felt lacking. I think it was the kind of psychotic stuff that happens in the first two. The clock acting weird, slamming door and windows, laughing deer head..

    I don’t get the one reviewer here who says he did not like the movie at all, but then says he wants to go see it again. If I don’t like a movie, I don’t want to see it again.. in the theater no less.

  • Jason

    So I’m probably missing something… This was my first Bloody Disgusting Podcast and I dig it. Interesting views on the Evil Dead Re-make… What is the name of the song that plays at the beginning of the podcast? my shazaam told me to fuck off and a google search was unsucessful. Keep up the good work. Congrats on the Rondo nod

  • Danny!

    I just listened to this episode and want to let you guys know that you’re all retar….er….special. You’re all very special people to me.

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