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[Podcast] Double Murder EP. 50: ‘V/H/S/2’

The 50th Episode of DOUBLE MURDER!!! Danny! and Tim celebrate 5 years together by reviewing 2 of the segments from V/H/S/2: “Phase I Clinical Trials” vs “Safe Haven”. Jenn, Pete, and Phil, friends of the show and former guest hosts, join the guys to discuss which of the segments slaughtered the other and offer their insight into what 50 episodes mean. Tune in now by clicking on the player below or subscribe to Bloody Disgusting Radio on iTunes! AND DON’T FORGET: check out the new Double Murder Podcast page on Facebook at

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  • Krug09

    Hey thanks a lot for putting up the old episodes. i listen to all of them all the way through 🙂 … however like you said there are actually 2 podcasts missing… 18 and 19… one of which i am so disappointed to say seems to be the Halloween 2 remake vs original 🙁 🙁 🙁 No joke i wanted to hear that one again the most but if you lost the file not much can do so i will move on. Thanks for the others though and for trying.

  • Danny!

    18 is lost forever…until I find it, at least. 19 was actually loaded; it’s probably just taking our podcast host a bit of time to refresh the past feed to have the Halloween 2 episode available.

  • Danny!

    Actually, scratch that. Episode 18 IS lost, but 19 will be up in August. This is due to size constraints on how many podcasts we can post in a given period of time. Sorry!

    • ReplicA

      Maybe THIS time my post will actually show up. If 18 is Dead Snow VS. Shockwaves, I have it and will up it to you if you like

  • ReplicA

    Ok, if I can actually post this time… Is 18 Dead Snow VS. Shockwaves? If it is, I have it, and can upload it somewhere if you like

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