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[Podcast] Double Murder: Ep 53 – Carrie (Original vs Remake)

Danny! and Tim have returned to review CARRIE, remake and original! You long-time listeners are no doubt aware that Double Murder already reviewed the original Carrie when it was up against Jennifer’s Body (see what I did there?), but fear not! Instead of wasting your time repeating themselves, Danny! and Tim cut the review of the classic Carrie short, and wax philosophical about the nature of horror remakes in general. The guys also discuss what happens when your Carrie is too pretty to play Carrie, chicken wing recipes, and the fine art of simulated teen nudity. For all this and more, tune in to DOUBLE MURDER!!!

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  • King

    I totally disagree i did not love the movie but i liked it a lot. I feel that they tried to make it to kid friendly and took out the grit and the darkness from it, but i feel like this movie was made for this generation to prove a point about bullying and pushing someone to far. To trash the plot of this movie you would have to say the same thing about the original since its the same story. I also think you missed how they pointed out how it was not so much that this Carrie was ugly but that this Carrie was more so sheltered beaten less fortunate look at the ride home the houses the lack of furniture in The Whites home. But to each there own i feel this movies characters were way more real than the ones in the original as far as supporting cast

  • Krug09

    Fuck yes love you guys!

    • Danny!

      We love you too.

  • Krug09

    anyway you guys can bring the podcasts back please? They don’t work since the site do over.

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