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[Podcast] News From The Crypt EP 67: The Best Horror Of 2013

Well the votes are in and we discuss the best (and most god awful!) of 2013! Get ready to cheer and jeer till your heads explode like the guys in Scanners!

I also just want to take this time to say thank you to all of our listeners! You all made last months show the most listened to show throughout the history of News from the Crypt! We can only go up from here and you can bet myself, Tim, Lauren and David are all still roaring to bring you all what you love most….No, not another Paranormal Activity film. The best damn horror podcast for fans BY fans!

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  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i still say Evil Dead is a fantastic remake.

    @Lauren Taylor, i am going to POLITELY (you took way too much crap for you best and worst lists) disagree with you about Evil Dead. i just want to comment on your detox comments in the podcast. i actually thought the girl detoxing was a great way to build suspense. having her go through such serious withdrawals made it much easier for the cast to dismiss her claims AND her strange behavior (which was obviously actually due to her being possessed) as part of said withdrawals. the detox thing is a much much better move then the cliched “the virgin girl who doesn’t drink or do drugs is all of a sudden suspicious of a door knob” or something stupid like that. i also wanna say that i didn’t mind the fact that they switched the “ash” character from a guy to a girl, but to each their own.

    • GothicGuido

      I never thought of it as “a way to sympathize with the character”. It was just a really good explanation as to why modern kids (who have seen movies like evil dead) are still hanging out in creepy cabins.

      • GothicGuido

        Her Detox that is.

  • Krug09

    I was one of the people who waited 7 years to see Mandy Lane but first of all your opinion sucks and you should rewatch that movie. did you think maybe people just waited because we werent very interested in it? and didnt care about the wait? I am happy i didnt “go on ebay and buy it for 4 dollars 7 years ago” i netflixed it and wasted a dvd mailer on it. i felt ripped off and technically i didnt even have to pay to see it. its a piece of shit, uninspired, weak slasher. its not “hyping it up in our heads”.. Its a piece of shit with or without the wait. its horrible. its not scary, not compelling and has nothing to say or says nothing. You guys can give your opinions without being rude and biased. The guys at double murder are much more likable then atleast two of you… no offense. just my opinion.

  • Tex Massacre

    Let’s deconstruct your ridiculous post for a moment. Krug09.

    “but first of all your opinion sucks” – That is your opinion and it’s rude.

    “You guys can give your opinions without being rude and biased.” – See above statement

    “no offense. just my opinion” – Thank you for clearing that up.

    THE END. No further comment needed.

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