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Double Murder Ep 67: ‘Hush’ vs. ‘Don’t Breathe’

SXSW Hush Review

Polls show that 1 in 3 Americans dread talking about politics at Thanksgiving dinner, but 0% dread talking about the latest episode of Double Murder! A pair of films from 2016 dealing with home invasion and sensory impairment are reviewed, as Danny! and Tim weigh in on Hush and Don’t Breathe. Along the way, the guys find out that Tim’s house might be haunted, but the ever-vigilant Angus is there to protect them. Want to start a debate at the dinner table that really matters? Have the whole family tune into Double Murder!

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  • sedoi

    Hush was really good. I liked it much more than Don’t Breathe

    • Justin Anthony

      Don’t Breathe is just a mixture of 20 other home invasion movies turned into one lame rehash . Almost walked out of the theater on that pos. Hush is far superior.

      • sedoi

        It’s pretty weird, but Don’t Breathe is basically reversed Hush. Ironically while Hush has really sympathetic main character and antangonist I hated, in Don’t Breathe characters were so digsuting that I couldn’t really root for them.

  • Hush is very good, but I prefer Don’t Breathe.

  • Angela M Campany

    I found Hush to be a lifetime movie of the week ….cringy !

    • You found Hush cringy? I thought the girl being murdered against the glass door was extremely painful and disturbing. I definitely cringed but not in the way you did, my only complaint is the killer not being scary. It definitely deserves it’s praise.

      • Angela M Campany

        It just wasn’t i was hoping for . The killer revealing his persona was a big thing for me as well, it killed any of the mystique surrounding him . I have seen loads better then this invasion film ,to me this did very little for the genre. I find it overrated if anything. Movies though are very subjective so i’m glad you enjoyed it at least . Happy holidays !!

        • Yeah i just wanted to talk more about it. I have seen some quality home invasion movies too so I know where you are coming from, happy holidays 🙂

          • Angela M Campany

            Hun i wanted to love it, i love invasion concepts ! But i have to have some nice scares with them like ‘The Strangers’ . I adore that film ,despite the flaws in it .

  • J Jett

    HUSH lost most of it’s impact once the killer removed his mask. had he kept it on the whole movie (or most of it) it would have been far better.

  • Thrash13

    I enjoyed both, and I’d rank them pretty close together as well. I’d probably pick Don’t Breathe by a hair, but HUSH was pretty creative in its own right.

  • Christopher Perry

    “Hush” was absolutely my favorite of the two. No disrespect to “Don’t Breathe.” It had its moments and I did enjoy it a lot, but “Hush” just had me from start to finish, and I hated that it ended as fast as it did. I was just hooked and wanted it to last just a little bit longer, lol. But in a nutshell, as close as I would rate these 2 movies, “Hush” inches out past “Don’t Breathe.”

  • Derek

    Both excellent films, but Hush had a character we rooted for and loved, unlike Don’t Breathe.

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