Mothman Prophecies

Before seeing this movie ask yourself this one question. Do you believe in life after death or that there is a gardening angel that watches us everyday of our life. This is one of the main questions in this new thriller called The Mothman Prophecies, which is base on true events.

For a popular Washington Post journalist John Klein (Richard Gere) he is good at his job, he has a loving wife the both of them just brought their first house. Their life is just beginning together but all of a sudden a freak accident put Mary in the hospital where she dies.

He cannot forget her and what she said during the accident, couple of years has pass and he still working for the paper and on his way to a new assignment he passes through a town called Point Pleasant West Virginia. The words that his late wife said keeps popping up in his mind, as there are strange unexplained phenomena happing in the town as he stayed in the town to try to figure out what it is.

The Mothman Prophecies was one spine chilling film. I have not had this type of feeling since the film came out called The Sixth Sense. This film was outstanding the way the film was told and the setting the film was in was great. I like the location and how the
town look and acted was great, the way the film asks the question I ask before. It make you wonder since this is a base on events can it happen we will we never know.

Being this is a Thriller/Horror film I like how it did not become a slasher film it kept it on the spin chilling level. This is a film that will make you jump trust me I jump a few times. The acting was very good., Richard Gere did a good job as the Journalist investigating the strange phenomena Laura Linney did a great job as well as the cop that help Richard character.

This is a type of film even if you don?t believe in this type of film after you leave the theater it will make you think about the subject matter. January has been a great month for film and this one is another great one to add to the list. There are no boring or dull moments in the film. You will get your money worth with this film and get ready to get chills down you spine.

Review By Paul Perkins

Official Score