Jason X

There has been much talk surrounding this long-delayed FRIDAY THE 13TH film, and of the few reviews I read, it appears that people are completely ripping this movie a new ass. The problem is that people’s expectations are too high, which is hilarious considering JASON X brings Voorhees into space. For God’s sake, this is the 10th installment of the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise.. what can you expect from the tenth sequel?

I anticipated that the film was going to be mediocre and just be another cheesy ass Jason movie… and that’s exactly what it was. The movie was everything I wanted, hoped for and expected it to be.

While the acting was horrible, it had an 80’s vibe and was loaded with some great little one-liners for laughs. The screenplay by Todd Farmer was very basic, but it did a tremendous job of avoiding the fact that Jason went to Hell in the previous incarnation from New Line Cinema. In addition, bringing Harry Manfredini back into the fold to score the film was a horrible idea as he took the movie and turned it into a made for Sci Fi Channel movie.

Putting that all aside, all I wanted to see was Jason walking around and killing people… that’s it, and that’s what I got! Most of the kills were very creative and something special to behold, unlike others where Jason would just smash a guys face into a wall and walk away. I loved when he freezes a chicks face and smashes it on the counter. Farmer even did a solid job of giving homage to the original films by having Jason slam some campers into a tree in their sleeping bag.

Anyone who’s a FRIDAY THE 13TH fan will enjoy this movie, regardless of its cons. JASON X might be crap, but it’s fun crap!!

Official Score