Brotherhood of the Wolf (Pacte des loups, Le)

As I walked into the theater, I was feeling the hype enter my veins as it did when I saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The story starts out brilliant, visually and intellectually. Its sets the mood with a brutal kill and some synopsis.

The movie is long, very long, and the plot seems to change and twist in many directions. They call this movie a “Genre” feast, which it is, but to the demise of the movie. Too much change takes away from continuity and from our attention.

There is everything from a love story to a brutal wolf murdering woman and children. There is a ver thick plot which touches every subject you could think of. By the end, they tie everything together and give us a sense of closure. Without that closure, this movie would not be the same.

Brotherhood touches us in many different ways, from fear to sadness, two completely different spectrums. This is an awesome element in this movie as it adds depth to a horror story which could be bland and boring. Unfortunately, too much hurts the movie a tad.

I still highly recomend this movie, it is a theater must see.

Official Score