Bad Taste

Peter Jackson’s writing and directorial debut was a pleasant one. Before making working his way up the ladder to directing the 3 Lord of the Rings movies he made such classics as Brain Dead aka (Dead Alive).

Bad Taste is about aliens who have landed on earth and are collecting humans to take back to their planet for food (livestock). If not stopped, they will return and take over the planet.

The movie has an eye-catching beginning, and plenty of gore to keep you interested during the slow parts. The acting is cheesy and unbelievable but is any low budget horror film? A must see for any hardcore horror fan and anyone who loves Dead Alive.

This movie contains:

58 dead aliens
1 exploding sheep
1 head crushed with a sledgehammer
1 head used as a battering ram
3 blow off heads
1 guy with a split open head, constantly dropping pieces of his brains.
2 uses of the word ‘bloody’ as in Bloody Good or Bloody idiot.

Official Score