Brain Dead (Dead Alive)

First things first, lets get this out of the way. Many films have tried, but no one can even come claose, Dead Alive is the single most gory movie ever made, EVER, period. Sure Versus comes close, and so does Citizen Toxie, and quite possibly Rocky-O, but they just can’t beat Peter Jackson’s horror masterpiece. Dead Alive has more blood and guts than any movie I’ve ever seen, it’s unbelieveable Peter Jackson went from this to Lord of the Rings.

Dead Alive starts out extremely slow, very very boring, kind of like The Exorcist. After Lionels (Timothy Balme) mother gets bitten by an infected rat monkey, the film picks up drastically and never slows down.

Jackson has no morals, and stops at nothing to make you want to vomit, but somehow, you keep watching, in awe at the creation that lies in front of you. His mother eats a dog and parts of her face falls off into people soup. Zombies even have sex and have a baby! If this seems tame, wait till you see the devistation which comes later.

Peter Jackson’s directing is sub-par, nothing unusual or brilliant about it, but who gives a shit when your watching intestines fly across the room and peopes heads explode from being electricuted?

Just like the directing, the acting is terrible, cheesy and lowsy. But you need a bucnh of no namers in order to slice and dice their bodies into pieces, what big money actor is going to let you kill em off in this fashion?

I cant even explain how amazing this movie is, all I can say is go see this movie now, but beware if you have a weak stomach.

Official Score