Jeepers Creepers

Clive Barker advertises this movie by saying “This is the most scary, stylish horror movie I’ve seen in years.” I belive this is taken way out of context.

Let me start out by saying, Victor Salva, did an amazing job directing, (its unfortunate that this man gets the light of day. We all know of his past with young boys.)

Anyways, besides the fantastic directing job, theres really nothing spectacular about this movie. The acting is sub par, Justin Long and Gina Phillips play a pair of siblings who come acrosss a creature referred to as the Creeper. Their constant bickering between each other and rediculous anticts like going back to the Creepers house make this movie an irritation. But besides the acting, the Creeper is kinds cool.

I know its hard to make a good horror movie, so I still give this movie some props, I liked the Creeper, he was dark and freaky and had a tint of mortality, a good creation. The fact that he possibly could die is a good thing to me, and I hope they dont push this story too far with the upcoming sequels.

Jeepers Creepers stays away from many of those cheesy teens puns and keeps its own as a low budget horror movie, without any catch. This is a movie for more of a new horror fan as a hard core fan will have seen most of this stuff, it lacks creativity and suspense.

Its a good rent, at least once, as much as I hate to say it, this is a chick flick, even though that isnt the target aucience. The DVD is worth catching, it has some good extra features and tons of deleted scenes.

Official Score